Initial Features

10 Apr 2017

First Features Coming Up

  1. Sign up everybody who has ever graduated from this college right from its inception in 1986. Provide a smooth sign up flow. As soon as one is signed up, or if anybody signs in after signing up signing out, provide a landing page of a directory of the other signed in alumni / students filterable by year of graduating and branch, sortable by their roll nos, and searchable by names (Subject to improvements in the subsequent versions). Give editing of profile functionality at /<username>.

  2. I started a thing in final year, where, I created a question on quora: Whom should I contact to get transcripts if I’m an alumnus of NIT Hamirpur?. I had answered my question:

Note: I’ve deleted this answer now, because it’s no longer relevant

I'll answer by own question here :

You can contact me if you want your academic transcripts for applying to universities outside,
or for any other purpose of yours. Transcripts charges in NIT Hamirpur accounts department is:
75 * x (no. of transcripts) + shipping charges + donation for the party ! :D
Contact Details : arihantverma1994 at gmail dot com

I’d done this thasse thasse me. But I got to earn 3k quick bucks out of it, although I had to run several rounds to the admin to get seniors’ transcripts done. This had worked because sometimes Dean Academics / Admin people do not reply for months at end. This is a problem to the Alumni who do not have any immediate or even second or third degree relations in the college anymore.

So this feature would enable the current students, to switch a button in their profile to be available for taking on requests to get somebody’s transcripts done.

Any alumnus would be able to see people who’ve enabled this at a particular route say /available-transcripters. The alumnus and the selected student (selected by alumnus and when the student would have confirmed the alumnus’s request) could either

Next Features

I intend to make this system a subscription based system for Alumni, say 20$ A YEAR (definitely not more than that). But I want to work on it AFTER I’ve asked every alumnus who’d sign up on the system, if they’d be willing to give this meagre sum of money for

If and when this feature is launched, every individual alumnus would have complete control of where their given money should be used. That way everybody would be happy, and everything would be transparent and decentralized (as always I’m open to feedback).

If, by a very ruthlessly unlikely chance that most of them wouldn’t want to (which would be pathetic and preposterous in my opinion), I’d save time not building this as one of the first features